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PowerPro Data Acquisition and Control

PowerPro Data Acquisition and Control

Stuska offers outstanding data acquisition systems for engine dynamometers, including basic instrumentation and controls and specially designed desktop PC systems and interfaces.

All of our data acquisition and control systems are Windows based, providing a comprehensive, easy to use system in a familiar environment.

The powerful PowerPro Commander software transforms a Windows-based PC into a powerful engine development and qualification tool!

The system comes complete with the Sensor Interface Device (SID) a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and color printer.  The SID allows a series of high and low temperature, fuel flow and pressure sensors, as well as general purpose auxiliary and engine torque and RPM inputs to be collected and transmitted to the PowerPro Commander computer.

Sensor Interface Device (SID) Box

The Commander displays data via an on-screen, fully customizable visual dashboard. View live engine and dynamometer data while  it is automatically collected for the post-test review. Set high and low alarm limits, making it obvious when a sensor exceeds normal operating range. Color coded gauges indicate alarm conditions, protecting sensitive equipment. Steady state test information is automatically recorded at user-defined intervals, or on demand. Sweep test information is automatically recorded between a starting rpm and an ending rpm.

PowerPro Commander PC


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